How far will the band travel? 
Although The Rouge Krewe band is based out of Lafayette, LA and the New Orleans area, we are available to travel any distance.  We bring the party to you! We can make all of the travel arrangements as well, so you don't have to worry about any planning or prep! We have all traveled, and performed, covering countless miles. We’re ready to put in even more miles this year, so let us know where to be and we will see you there!


Does the band require a stage?
Yes, the band does require a stage. (Short or smaller stages are acceptable upon discussion with the band and/or consulting of the Rouge Krewe Rider. Stages are necessary for all events to enhance the experience for all guests. Some venues have stages, and they are acceptable. We can provide a stage at an additional cost of $850. Staging is usually available for rent either from your event space or other local rental company.  For our band, we do require stable staging due to the high level of choreography.  Please let us know if you have a short ceiling before renting staging as we have lighting that needs a minimum 8-10 ft clearance.  Our Rider will give the needed dimensions for the specific package you are having.



What kind of power does the band need?
We ask that there be three to four 20 amp power circuits within 15 feet of the stage.  We ask that these circuits be used only by the band so that there is no interruption of the show. If you are having an outdoor event and are using a generator, we request that there be a technician available at the event to ensure a smooth and spot on show!



Does the Band have any specific or special requirements to play?             

For most events, the Rouge Krewe has a Rider. We have both a standard Rider along with a tech Rider for dates booked over flight. It's always a good idea for you to communicate with the venue, and get approval for most things. For example, power, space, load in area for the band. No worries! We will walk you through every step, and answer any question you may have.


Can the Band Emcee for us?
Absolutely! We can would love to Emcee throughout the event, in order to make specific and necessary announcements.  Clients may also use our microphones! Aside from singing along, the client is more than welcome to use our microphones for making toasts, announcements, and making any speeches.


Can the Band DJ for us?
Yes, the band will play cocktail music, first dances (for weddings), and dinner music at no additional charge. In some cases we can also provide live cocktail music, and music for ceremonies.

How does the band pick songs for each show?
Our main priority is for everyone, young or old, to hear their favorite songs throughout the night. The Rouge Krewe is on the next level when it comes to just how many songs we can get you to dance to in ONE night! Rouge Krewe is a Medley style band! Almost like a live DJ, the band can cover 80 to 100 songs a night. That's double and sometimes triple the amount of songs that most bands can cover in a night!  Our songs have been put to the test, in front of hundreds of audiences, spanning multiple different generational music favorites. We prioritize keeping you and your guests partying, and interacting on the dance floor ALL night!


What if I would like a first dance song played Live for my wedding?
We can play ANY song at your request! We can learn your special song to make your event the celebration you want it to be!  The Band will learn up to 3 first dance songs at no additional charge!